The Dead Sea is the most effective natural psoriasis treatment available. The specific environment of the Dead Sea creates the ideal conditions for both immediate relief and long term healing. Together, the air, water, and minerals help relieve the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of psoriasis. The air at the Dead Sea is the most oxygen-rich on the planet and is dense with bromine and other metals. These metals naturally block the sun’s harmful rays, making the Dead Sea the ideal place for solar therapy. This combination of dense oxygen and healthy exposure to sunlight can regulate cell division and lower stress levels. The water at the Dead Sea is also intensely healing. It is ten times saltier than other oceans and seas and is packed with anti-inflammatory minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals, along with the joy of effortlessly floating in the water, can bring immense relief to people living with psoriasis. The unique combination of these naturally occurring conditions accelerate the body’s metabolic processes and stimulate the regeneration of cells and tissues.


Don’t just take our word for it! There has been extensive research done over decades about the benefits of Dead Sea therapy for psoriasis, all of which concludes that it offers both immediate relief and long-term healing for most people. For example, the International Journal of Dermatology found that of 100 people who sought psoriasis relief at the Dead Sea, over half were still psoriasis free four months after treatment. Additionally, the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 48% of people who bathed in the Dead Sea and did controlled sunlight therapy daily were cleared of psoriasis and stayed in remission. While each person’s treatment and healing is unique to them, it is clear that the Dead Sea can offer significant relief to those who seek its naturally healing properties. For more information about the research of the Dead Sea and psoriasis treatment, please refer to:



Take the healing properties of floating in the Dead Sea, combine them with the natural benefits of yoga asana, pranayama (breath), and meditation, and you have Avayasana! Avayasana is a holistic, integrated practice of yoga. It is an innovative mosaic of traditional yoga knowledge and creative healing practices, all while staying true to the essence of how yoga is meant to be shared—as a therapy for mind, body, and spirit. Avayasana is rooted in anti-gravity flotation and Watsu techniques. The weightless environment that the Dead Sea offers creates space for a unique and uninterrupted state of deep relaxation for the body, mind, and nervous system. Avayasana also incorporates mediation, pranayama, and on-land restorative/gentle yoga tailored to the needs of each student. The expert interweaving of floating asana, Watsu, mediation and breath, and gentle movement create space in the body, quiet in the mind, and recharge the immune system. Avayasana is a healing therapy that brings people back to the wisdom and unity of their own being. As always, we tailor our physical and non-physical practices to the specific needs of each group/individual.