6 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat at the Dead Sea, Israel




THE AVAYASANA YOGA RETREAT Join us for an amazing experience of healing and personal exploration in one of the world’s most unique natural wonders. Breath in a view with no borders as you watch the sunrise over the silent expanse of the Judean Desert. A dessert that’s attracted dreamers and revolutionaries for thousands of years. Float effortlessly on the pristine waters of the Dead Sea, feeling your physical and spiritual horizons expand from day to day. Unleash the deep healing powers of weightlessness through a set of unique floating techniques that can only be practiced here. Absorb the vastness of the desert during your yoga and meditation practice. OUR YOGA The Yoga of Avaysana combines traditional yoga practices, with deep floating techniques and the healing powers of the natural environment. We have a deep respect and gratitude for the Iyenger interpretation of yoga as “meditation in action”, with particular emphasis on alignment and precision. Our yoga retreats take place within the serene setting of the desert, where silence and stillness encourage altered states of consciousness and heightened introspection. We also utilize Deep Sea deepfloating techniques. They support the asanas by releasing tension in the muscles and creating relaxation in the body, and also slow down brainwave activity to theta level, encouraging a meditative state. With Avayasana yoga retreats, you can experience the asanas with heightened awareness and a greater sense of clarity. Take a look at our retreat package to see what’s included.