DeepFloating Theta Brainwave Therapy

Have you ever been aware of a cosy meditative state while drifting in and out of sleep? A kind of in-between state with dream-like thoughts and vivid imagery, sudden creative solutions to problems or other realizations?
This intuitive information emerges from your subconscious mind when Theta brainwaves are dominant. It usually only lasts for a few minutes.
Theta waves are one of the 5 brainwave frequencies. LINK TO BLOG POST (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma).
Only in Theta can you access the full power of your subconscious mind. It’s the gateway to your creativity, learning and intuition. Theta waves are also the dominant frequency during deep meditation.
Surrounded by expansive desert landscape, and while floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea’s zero-gravity waters, you’ll listen to a unique sound-journey composed by Saul Mukhtar, founder of DeepFloating therapies.
The water’s buoyancy fully relaxes your nervous system— causing a sense of unbound freedom. Due to the lack of outside stimulation, and none of the usual distraction coming in from your senses— your mind tunes naturally within. This is known as interoception (heightened awareness of internal sensations) and in yoga, pratyahara (observation of the inner world).
Your sense of hearing is the last to withdraw.
The brain has the ability to synchronize with frequencies from external sound. An example being indigenous cultures using drums during ceremonies. By producing a drum beat in a specific frequency, tribal members enter a trance as their brainwaves synchronize to the beat of the drum.

While floating and wearing waterproof headphones, the sounds you listen to are of two different frequencies. One sent to your right ear and another to your left. The lack of gravity, as well as the water’s density and high concentration of minerals enhance the quality of your acoustic experience.
As you listen, your brain responds by producing a third frequency known as a binaural beat which induces Theta Brainwaves. The brainwaves produce a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres work together in a state of coherence. This state creates a very powerful experience of consciousness expansion.

DeepFloating Brainwave Entrainment marries binaural technology with the Dead Sea experience!
This innovative DeepFloating therapy opens not only the door to creative inspiration and optimal healing— but melts away the boundaries in your mind accessing where ‘you’ end and the rest of nature begins. This gives rise to the elusive experience of non-duality (known as Samadi in classical yoga)— the blissful state of being at one with the natural world.

Benefits of the Theta State

Decreased Stress and Anxiety – It regulates your cortisol levels, the hormones produced by stress and other fearful states.
Healing – The nervous system changes from its stress fueled “fight or flight” mode— to its calm “rest and recover” mode. Here your body’s systems are relaxed enough to do any necessary healing within your body.
Happy Hormones – In this state of relaxation, your body produces the “feel good hormones” and neurotransmitters that keep your immune system optimal.
Self Reflection – It connects you to your subconscious mind. Here you can access and address negative thought processes to aid your personal development.
Self Hypnosis – You can change your own patterns of thinking and behaviour by suggesting positive affirmations to your subconscious mind while you float.
Creativity & Problem Solving – Mental and creative blocks are bypassed, so that you access a ‘flow’ state of creative thought and perception. The right hemisphere of your brain is also activated. Your creative inspiration lives here! Whether your thing is creating art, music, inventing or problem solving, you’ll be able to focus and access your reservoir of resourceful insights.
Learning – You can retain much more information than in your wakeful (Beta) state by ‘planting’ it directly into your subconscious mind! The subconscious also can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined experience— and will adjust and remember imagined information as though you’d been practicing for real. You can quickly and effectively learn new ways of thinking and behaviour such as confidence, strategies, languages, music composition and more!

Note: DeepFloating Brain Entrainment is an advanced technique leading to delta activity similar to deep meditation. Because Beta activity stops, you may experience feelings of disorientation upon awakening. We recommend that you practice only under the supervision of a DeepFloating therapist.