DeepFloating Yoga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DeepFloating Yoga opens up a whole new dimension to explore classical asana— free from the chains of gravity. The methods are an adaptation of classical yoga asana (postures) to zero-gravity conditions. It was developed by yogi Shaul Muchtar from years of floating and exploring asana in the Dead Sea.

B.K.S Iyengar defined asana as “meditation in action”.

At Avayasana each asana is held long enough for you to become fully present with meditative awareness. On land, this requires the physical stamina gained through much practice, with many asana only possible after years of experience.

With DeepFloating yoga, the highly buoyant Dead Sea liberates the body’s struggle against gravity so that you’re free to effortlessly explore in a weightless, three dimensional space!

In the water, holding difficult postures for an extended duration becomes possible— without any risk of injury or over-fatigue. Perfect for beginners!

For those physically unable to practice classical yoga asana, DeepFloating Yoga opens a new door to powerful therapeutic benefits. When DeepFloating Yoga is combined with Watsu therapy, research shows dramatic physical and psychological improvement after only a few days.

It’s not just the water’s buoyancy that makes all this possible, but magnesium, potassium and calcium bromide, present in both the water and air that you breathe. These natural minerals relax your muscles and nervous system, boosting your abilities.

Zero-gravity conditions enable experienced yogis to achieve higher precision and alignment, as well as new ways to explore the physical and mental processes of expansion— without limitations.

Yoga means union, and although it’s mostly associated with asana in the west, its intension is to enhance awareness beyond just the physical. It’s methods enable you to tune into and connect to— your body, mind, and awareness of existence beyond the limitations of self.

Usually deepening your awareness takes practice and time, but here at the Dead Sea, floating in a natural environment, free from gravity and distraction— your consciousness becomes still, present and expansive.

Avayasana therapeutic techniques make it possible to experience those deep conscious states which can be scientifically measured by recording brainwave activity.

Alternate between DeepFloating Yoga in the sea and classical asana in the Judean Desert’s natural serenity.

Discover how DeepFloating Yoga re-defines your limitations and empowers your future practice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]