DeepFloating Watsu

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Relax into a state of bliss as you are cradled, floated, stretched, massaged and rocked in healing waters. This unique bodywork therapy integrates stretching, muscle mobilization, massage, Shiatsu and dance.

Imagine being held in the supportive embrace of the Dead Sea while our qualified DeepFloating therapist cradles, stretches, massages and rocks you in the warm velvet water.

Patterns of movement are smooth, slow, rhythmic and geared specifically to your personal needs.

During the process, our DeepFloating therapist connects their own breathing pattern to yours, remaining fully present and mindful of any subtle change in your muscle tension and breath—  adapting the therapy accordingly.

During a deeply nurturing Watsu session, you enter a profoundly relaxed state as your nervous system goes into ‘rest and recover’ mode. Your heart rate slows down, your breathing deepens, and all muscles relax, letting go of tension stored inside them. When the body’s systems are fully relaxed, they begin to heal.

With this profound physically equilibrium your mind tunes naturally inward— so that you experience perfect presence— surrendering fully, peacefully being— in the NOW of the moment.

Watsu can improve the quality of your life both physically and psychologically. Its benefits bring relief to those suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome, cystic fibrosis, the effects of a stoke and chronic pain. The combined effects of warm water, relaxation and gentle techniques decrease muscle spasm, provide pain relief, improve soft tissue mobility, and increase range of motion. It also helps to release issues of trust and control, dissolving stress and bringing peace to your mind.

At the beginning of the retreat, if you feel a little unsure in the water, a short (25 minute) Watsu treatment will enable you to easily build trust and confidence, so that you feel safe, free and able to explore all the benefits of our DeepFloating therapies.