DeepFloating Mindfulness Meditation

Quickly learn to reach a meditative state in the water. Our assisted training sessions are designed to shorten the learning curve so that you can access the power of deep awareness and relaxation on Day One.

Mindfulness Meditation or Dharana as it’s known in ancient yogic texts— has two elements.

Your awareness is focused on the NOW. You notice information coming in through your senses— moment-to-moment. Well-known examples include cyclic breath awareness and the body-scan. This part of mindful meditation improves your ability to focus, to notice and be present, as well as transcending stress-based thoughts rooted in the past or imagined in future scenarios.

  • You observe this information with an unbiased attitude. Without judging it (giving it a label like “good” or “bad”). This part of mindful meditation reduces impulsive reactions and emotional imbalance.
  • To be able to focus, the mind and body must first fully relax and let go.

    Although you can practice mindful meditation anywhere, DeepFloating in the natural, mineral rich, zero-gravity of the Dead Sea enhances your experience— freeing your brain’s constant need to process data related to gravity. It releases muscle tension (especially around the cervical spine), any stress within the body and mind, relaxes the central nervous system and reduces stress hormones— while inducing relaxing hormones such as endorphins and dopamine.

    And that’s when the magic happens! With your body and mind relaxed, your attention naturally tunes within—  making mindful meditation so much easier. This “tuning in” is called Interoception – (awareness of internal body sensations) and is an important part of yoga known as Pratyahara, a state that proceeds meditation.

    Pratyahara is the journey away from sensory external distractions, which frees the mind to move within and become self-observant. It is the window between the outer (asana) and inner  (meditation) aspects of yoga.

    Normally, this inner focus requires much practice due to stress (within the body and mind) blocking the process of relaxation.

    The uniqueness of DeepFloating prompts the elusive state of Pratyahara to occur naturally and effortlessly— so that you can focus so much more efficiently on what is happening in the NOW.

    As you float you’ll listen to guided body awareness blended with alpha-brainwave binaural beats on water-proof headphones. The binaural beat frequency eases you into a state of natural calmness. The combined elements of this therapy (floatation, interoseption, induced Alpha brainwaves and mindful meditation instruction) act as gateway to a unique body-mind experience.

    Mindfulness Meditation enables you to experience more fully in a balanced way— nurturing a deep spiritual connection to self, others and the natural world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]