what does avayasana mean?

Some elements of our retreat are practiced on land, surrounded by the desert’s sacred silence.

DeepFloating therapies include Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama, Theta Brainwave and Watsu, all practiced in the supportive, warm, healing water. These therapies release tension, anxiety and stress held unconsciously within the muscles of your body, calming your nervous system and gifting you the experience of total relaxation, balance and well-being.

When your body is this deeply relaxed, and with reduced sensory input from the outside world, the restful mind spontaneously flips from outer distraction— to a peaceful and focused inner experience.

While floating, you can still feel your body but are so relaxed— the boundaries between your body and the water fade, so that you feel at one with, and as expansive as the water!

This expanded awareness results in a sense of infinite freedom and lasting serenity. In this state of being, profound healing can take place.

Floatation provides benefit above and beyond a more simple form of relaxation. Research shows that after only one hour of floating, the average nervous system, in a chronic state of anxiety and stress— can reset. This evasive state of well-being enables people suffering from PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks, whose nervous system don’t usually allow them to relax— to be able to focus on mindful and meditative practice with ease.


Why Is AVAYASANA Retreats So Uniqe?

Our DeepFloating techniques are offered nowhere else in the world. The Dead Sea is the only place on earth you can float in natural, zero-gravity in a vast, pristine lake surrounded by tranquil desert.

Its hyper-saline, crystal waters, 48 km long and 300 meters deep— are ten times saltier than the ocean. Sinking isn’t possible here— its supportive density holds you in its embrace, allowing you to float effortlessly on its surface!

Unlike traditional floatation therapy, restricted to small, confined, artificial floatation tanks, Avayasana Retreat utilises the huge expanse of open, natural space provided by the Dead Sea and its surroundings.